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Fluid Handled - HBr

Volume - 50 KL

Fluid Handled - Water
Industry - Ion Exchange Resin

Panel tanks are a replacement to the conventional cylindrical& rectangular tanks & the advantages are as below :

Adaptability Of Size & Design

  • Flexible sizes and shapes by design could range from 50 m³ to 1000 m³
  • Can easily be extended at any time as storage requirement increase.
  • Can be relocated easily from one location to another several times.


  • Average life of the tanks is 8-10 years.
  • Tested for heavy impact, weather, loads, settling and earth quakes.
  • Good UV Resistance.

Water Quality

  • Excellent smooth surface to prevent dust from sticking to the wall.
  • Tanks are completely sealed from inside in order to restrict any addition of foreign particles
  • No metal components need to be in contact with water. Reinforcement, bolts and nuts for assembly are on the outside.


  • Exclusive design of convex bottom panels with flexible rubber sealant is most effective against risk of leakage.
  • Modular panel with low thermal coefficient and flexible rubber sealant& gasket ensures a leak free design.
  • Accessible from all sides for easy visual inspection.


  • Extremely cheap as compared to conventional tanks
  • Rate comes to an average of 7-8 Rs / liter depending upon the size

Who would require these kind of tanks ?

  • Industries for storing process water or fire fighting water
  • Municipalities & MIDC
  • Commercial complexes for storing fire fighting water or Anyone who requires to store huge amounts of water at a cheap cost

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