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Pipes / Fittings

POLY PLAST offers handlyaup & filament wound pipe ranging from 50 mm NB to 2000 mm NB, made by using CNC controlled winding machine. These pipes being mechanically very strong can take high pressure and vacuum. POLY PLAST offers these pipes from various resins like Isophthalic, Vinylester, Bisphenol and other Imported Resins. These pipes can also be made of dual laminated plastics like PVC-FRP, CPVC-FRP. PVDF-FRP, PP-FRP, FEP-FRP etc. We also supply pipe fittings like Tees, Reducers, Bends, Flanges, Stub ends etc. Poly Plast also undertake erection of pipes and fittings at customer's site. We do Piping work starting from Bar chart, piping layout, drawing preparation, fabrication & erections of the same Eta site including fabrication of MS support.