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FRP ROD is manufactured using telecom grade E Glassfibre and specially formulated superior quality thermosetting resin using the state-of-the art UV curing system.

The Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic Rod or the Central Strength Member (CSM) provides tensile strength to the cable protecting it during installation and it’s rigidity prevents cable buckling during the life of the cable. It can be used as central or peripheral strength member in OFC.

FRP ROD silent features :

  • High tensile strength, high modulus, High flexibility.
  • Low stretch, low expansion, low weight, low heat conductivity, Cost effective.
  • Free from chemical corrosion. Compared with metal wire, FRP rod eliminates harmful gas.
  • Excellent insulation and immune to electromagnetic interference.
  • Electric resistant, consistent diameter & shape.
  • Higher stiffness, anti-buckling properties, used for all dielectric / metallic cables.
  • Smooth surface, stable sizes, easy processing and installation.
  • Higher glass content, higher heat resistant, Higher LASE values, longer life.
  • Low bend radius, High torsional strength.

Product Range :

  • FROM 0.8 MM TO 6.0 MM

Product Type :

  • GRH : It is di-electric rod used in di-electric cable design as a CSM. Also used as armouring element in some type of cables.
  • GRM, GRE : Used for applications where in specific high adhesive coatings to jacket material is required. EAA is used for the same which applied in microns by extrusion process.

Physical Properties :

Description Value Unit Testing Method
Density 1.90 - 2.20 gm/cm³ WI/QC/022
Glass Content 80 ± 2 % DIN EN ISO 117
Ovality ≤ 3.5 % WI/QC/010
Diameter Stability ±0.05 mm PPCL QC WI 10

Mechanical Properties :

Description Value Unit Testing Method
Tensile Strength ≥140 Kg/mm² ASTM D 3916
Tensile Modulu ≥5000 Kg/mm² ASTM D 3916/638
Elongation @ Break ≤ 4 % ASTM D 3916
Min Bend Radius 25 x D
(D is the Diameter of Rod)
mm WI/QC/001
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ≤ 6.6 X10-6 cm/cm/°C ASTM D 696
Flexural Modulus ≥ 5000 Kg/mm² ASTM D 790/3916
Heat Stress Tolerance (Bend Radius) Long Term Test No destruction on surface - WI/QC/007


FRP Rod is being wound on the spool made of high quality plywood with different barrel diameters, flange thickness & traverse, depending on the product size and client requirement.

FRP Rod was covered with 3 layers of stretch wrap film & 7 layers of air bubble sheet before tightened with straps. Labels will provide all the required details like product type, size, quantity, manufacturing date, batch number, weight, unwinding direction, etc.

Spools are being transported, stacked on wooden pallet, 3 nos each in horizontal condition supported by air bags. Wooden pallets are supplied

Package Size :

  • From 450 to 1200 mm spool.
  • Quantity per spool varies from 12 km to 132 km, depending on the diameter.

Spool options :

  • Different type of Spools is available, depending on the client requirement which are important at the client end while running on their winders.

Handling precautions :

  • Use spool Tilter machine & Forklift for handling of the wooden spools.
  • Do not store in horizontal position for long period.

Storage precautions :

  • For spools, avoid direct water contact or humid conditions.
  • For rod, avoid direct contact with sun light.

Safety precautions :

  • Use rubber hand gloves & goggles.