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We design and manufacture composite items, selecting the best product for your requirements.

POLY PLAST products are manufactured in accordance with international standards using the latest technology utilizing Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), Glass Reinforced Vinyl ester (GRV) and Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) depending on the needs of Customers requirements. Our range for tanks is up to 6.5 miter diameters and for pipe & fittings ranges from 25 mm (1") up to 4,000 mm (160"), with a pressure range up to 3,500 psi.

POLY PLAST has a advance testing facility , Over 500 tests are conducted annually addressing product long-term testing including Hydrostatic Design Basis (HDB), Ring Bending, Strain Corrosion, Creep, UEWS (ultimate Elastic Wall Stress), Survival Testing, and Abrasion and Impact resistance. These tests are executed using highly specialized automated in-house testing equipment with 24/7 data logging system to ensure accuracy in according with international standards including ISO, ASTM , BS, API and many others.

Poly Plast