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POLY PLAST offers hand lay up & filament wound pipes ranging from 50 mm NB to 3600 mm NB, made using Filament Winding Machines. These pipes being mechanically very strong and can withstand high pressure and vacuum. Polyplast offers, these pipes from various resins like Isophthalic, Vinylester, Bisphenol and other imported resin. These pipes can also be made of dual laminated plastics like PVC-FRP,CPVC-FRP, PVDF-FRP, PP-FRP, FEP-FRP etc.

POLY PLAST can supply pipe fittings like Bends, Tees, Reducers, Flanges, Stub ends etc. We export Pipes & Fittings to developed European countries and it has been well accepted and quality of the items are highly appreciated. Few of our competitors abroad regularly out source their requirements from us and they sell our items under their label, Which proves the quality of our products and economical rates.

POLY PLAST also supplies FR-FRP pipes i.e. FRP pipe made using fire referdant Resin for fire fighting service which is always maintained under pressure. Advantage of these pipe is resistant to corrosion from inside as well as from outside due to which it proves ideal for liquid (water or saline water) for prolonged period of service without any leaks.

Metal pipes corrode & leakes after sometime under & so is unreliable and risky to use metallic pipes for fire-fighting water service.

POLY PLAST supplies and undertakes erection of pipelines on a turnkey basis right from preparation of Isometric drawings, piping layout, fabrication, erection and field joints at the site including fabrication of MS Saddle supports.

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