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Fluid Handled - HBr

Volume - 100 KL

Fluid Handled - HCL
Industry - Steel

POLY PLAST manufactures Process / Reaction Vessels of different sizes and shapes as per the customer's specifications, ranging from 200 ltrs, to 1, 00,000 Itrs capacity with conical, dished or flat bottom and top. The M. O. C depends on chemical, temperature and pressure conditions of the process requirement. We also supply these equipments with complete stirring assembly with Independent mounting structure and suitable sealing arrangements as per the customer's requirements. Stirrers are fabricated out of MS/SS materials, lined with plastic materials as per service warranted and tested with H.V.H.F spark testers for leak proof functioning. All thermoplastic liner weld joints are provided with non metallic conductive materials to facilitate spark testing. Similarly FRP lined metallic vessels are also tested with spark testing for pin hole or discontinuity of lining. These vessels are ideal replacement to the conventional MS glass - lined and Nobel metal claded vessels.

POLY PLAST also provide cooling or heating coil made out of different materials as per the customer's requirement .

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